Welcome to Madventure Camping

Your adventure begins with a good nights sleep

Simple, functional and stylish. That's what we are all about here at Madventure Camping. With our modular approach to camping you can design your adventure base camp to meet your own personal needs.

Starting with one of our Skedaddle trailers. A non-purpose built trailer that is a perfect start to building your base camp while doubling as a weekend project hauler. The skedaddle is a 56 inch long trailer designed to carry all your gear and easily holds any standard sized roof top tent. The Skedaddle II is longer at 76 inches and can hold more gear and either a standard or deluxe roof top tent. Why buy a trailer that can only be used for camping? The skedaddle and Skedaddle II are perfectly happy doubling as a utility trailer for those weekends spent projecting around the house. So give us a call and get your Skedaddle today.

Everyone loves a good nights sleep and our roof top tents have been designed to provide just that. Our line of roof top tents are the toughest tents on the market. With your comfort at the top of our list, our tents have been designed to give you years of worry free camping. Whether that favorite fishing hole is just up the road or miles down that old logging trail you can be assured that once there your tent will provide the shelter you need. So mount it on your vehicle or better yet mount it on one of our Skedaddle trailers and start living the dream.



Ruggedized Roof top Tents.

The skedaddle. An all purpose gear hauler trailer.